California 隐私 Policy


Updated 11/2/2020

这个Privacy Notice for California Residents supplements the information contained in our website 隐私 and Cookie Notice and applies solely to those visitors to our Sites, students and parents of our schools, 员工, and others who reside in the State of California (“消费者” or “”). 本通知的目的是向您提供(i)我们关于收集的在线和离线实践的全面描述, 使用, 信息披露, 个人信息的销售和(ii)您对我们收集的个人信息的权利. 我们采用本通知是为了遵守2018年《网赌十大靠谱信誉平台》(以下简称“《网赌十大靠谱信誉平台》”)。CCPA”)及CCPA所定义的任何术语在本公告中使用时具有相同的含义.


春天 Education Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries (“春天 Education Group,” “we,” or “us”) collect information that identifies, 涉及到, 描述了, is reasonably capable of being associated with, or could reasonably be linked, directly or indirectly, with a particular individual or ho使用hold (“个人 信息”). 我们在线和/或离线收集以下指定的个人信息类别. 我们可以用, 分享, 或为一个或多个指明的商业或商业目的披露这些类别的个人信息. 本节的规定不会限制我们使用或披露隐私和Cookie声明中所述的信息或提供给您的其他材料的能力, such as a Parent/Student Handbook (e.g., 成绩单, record requests) or an Employee Handbook (e.g., employment verifications, benefits elections).

a. Categories of 个人 信息 Collected


  • Identification 信息, 比如名字, mailing address, 电子邮件地址, 电话号码, a copy of 你r government-issued identification, and 你r account information and password;
  • Sensitive 信息, such as 你r driver’s license number, insurance policy number, 教育, employment information, financial information, medical or health insurance information, 年龄, 比赛, 种族, physical or mental disability status, 性别, or veteran or military status;
  • Commercial 信息,例如关于购买、使用或考虑的产品或服务的信息;
  • Internet Activity 信息, 例如流量数据(如隐私和Cookie声明中所述)以及在您使用本网站时自动收集的其他信息;
  • Geolocation 信息, such as physical location when 你 使用 the Site;
  • Professional/Employment 信息, such as current or past job history; and
  • Education 信息, 如由教育机构或代表其行事的一方保存的与学生直接有关的教育记录, such as grades, 成绩单, 类列表, student schedules, student identification codes, student financial information, or student disciplinary records.

b. Sources of 个人 信息


  • Directly from 你, such as 你r communications with us, registering to 使用 our parent portals, enrolling 你r child, completing forms or submitting an inquiry;
  • Indirectly from 你, such as Traffic Data collected automatically from 你r 使用 of the Site or Education 信息 from activities in在这里nt to enrolling and attending school; and
  • 第三方, 例如,与我们签订合同,根据流量数据提供有针对性的在线广告的合作伙伴,或代表我们使用个人信息并仅出于合同业务目的的教育和申请人/员工服务提供商.

c. Purpose of 个人 信息 Collection and Disclosure


  • to provide 你 with our 服务, communicate with 你, ensure that 你r child is receiving safe and appropriate care, and comply with licensing 监管s and other legal requirements;
  • for our direct marketing efforts, 包括当我们向您发送您可能感兴趣的有关我们服务的营销信息时, respond to 你r inquiries, and send 你 promotional mess年龄s, 广告, 调查, and other information that may be of interest to 你;
  • to create and maintain a trusted and safe 教育al environment (e.g., to detect and prevent fraud, 滥用, or security incidents, conduct security investigations and risk assessments, enforce our policies, or comply with our legal obligations and licensing requirements);
  • to evaluate 你r job application or employment-related activities (e.g., time cards for payroll);
  • 通过处理个人信息来维护和改善本网站的安全性和功能(e).g., 我们从您使用本网站的过程中自动收集流量数据,以个性化您的用户体验, ensure that our web p年龄s appear and function properly, improve the Site, 项目, 产品, 服务, 广告, 和内容, and perform other functions; and
  • for other purposes as permitted by law, such as notifying 你 about changes to the Site, protecting our rights and property, complying with a law, 监管, legal process or court order, or fulfilling any other purpose with 你r consent.

d. Disclosure and Sale of 个人 信息

In the preceding 12 months, we have disclosed each of the categories of 个人 信息 described above for one or more of the business purposes described above to service providers and other vendors; parent entities, 子公司, and subsidiaries; medical providers; and enforcement, regulatory and other governmental 年龄ncies.

我们不会将您的个人信息用于购买或以其他方式与第三方分享您的信息以换取金钱补偿. Certain sharing of 你r information, 然而, may be considered a “sale” under the CCPA’s broad definition. 特别是, in the last 12 months, if 你 have visited our Site, we may have 分享d 你r Commercial 信息, Internet Activity 信息, 和/或地理位置信息与广告合作伙伴和社交媒体平台,以匹配和提供我们在第三方网站上的目标广告. You can find additional information about how 你 can control cookies 在这里.



To the extent provided for by law and subject to applicable exceptions, 对于我们收集的个人信息,您可以享有以下隐私权:

  • 要求我们披露我们收集、使用、披露和出售的个人信息的权利;
  • 有权要求访问我们收集的有关您的特定个人信息;
  • The right to request deletion of 你r 个人 信息;
  • The right to opt-out of the “sale” of 个人 信息; and
  • 在行使隐私权时不受歧视的权利.

此外,受加州民法典第1798条规定的某些限制.83, 你 may ask us to provide 你 with: (1) a list of certain categories of 个人 信息 that we have disclosed to certain types of third parties for their direct marketing purposes during the immediately preceding calendar year; and (2) the identity of the third parties that received certain 个人 信息 from us for their direct marketing purposes during that calendar year.

Exercising Your Rights: To submit a request, please complete our online request form, call 877-322-2861, or email us at [email protected].

验证:为了保护您的个人信息免遭未经授权的访问或删除, 我们可能会要求您验证您就是我们收集个人信息的对象, such as by logging in to 你r account before making a request. If 你 do not have an account with us, or if we suspect fraudulent or malicious activity, 我们可能会要求您提供额外的个人信息以供核实. 如果我们无法验证您的身份,我们将不会提供或删除您的个人信息.

授权 代理: You may 使用 an authorized 年龄nt to submit a request on 你r behalf. 如果你这样做了, we may require the 年龄nt to provide their name, 电子邮件地址, 电话号码, and written permission from 你 that includes 你r contact information. 我们可能会使用您提供的信息与您联系,并直接与我们核实您的身份,并确认您已向代理提供提交请求的许可.


如果您对我们的隐私政策和做法有任何疑问或疑虑,或希望以其他格式收到本通知的副本, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].


我们保留随时修改本隐私声明的权利. When we make changes to this privacy notice, 我们将在网站上发布更新后的通知,并更新通知的生效日期.